Resetting your Password

Resetting your Password

Passwords can be reset by the User, or by the Administrator.  Either method will result in an email being sent to the User with a link to reset the password.

Administration Reset

For details on how to reset a Password from the User Administration Activity, click Resetting Passwords for Users

User Reset

To reset the password yourself, start at the log on screen:

  • Click on Forgotten details? to open the Password reset page
  • Enter your Company name (the same as when you log into Sigma)
  • Ener your Username


  • Click Submit

The following message appears:


Email Notification

  • The User will receive the following email:


Note:  This email is active for 4 hours hours.  If the User does not activate the new password within 4 hours, they will need to reset the password again.

Activating the Email 

Once the User has received the Email:

  • Click on the link in the Email to open the Sigma Reset Password page


  • Enter your new Password and repeat in the second field
  • Click Submit
  • The following prompt appears:


Note: The link is now invalid as it has been used

Password Complexity

The default settings (which can be changed in the Security Settings) will show when click the link to reset your password.

If you enter a password that does not reach the criteria, you will be prompted.  For example: 

  or  or 

  • Re-enter the Password until it reaches all the criteria

Using the new Password

Once you have changed your password, open Sigma and log in:

  • Open 
  • Enter your Company Name
  • Enter your User Name
  • Enter your new Password
  • Click Submit