Reporting - Energy Intelligence


This section includes pages on all aspects of Energy Intelligence, from refreshing the data, configuring your options, running reports, copying and creating reports through to exporting. and scheduling. 

The Pre Recorded Training Sessions are live recordings of sessions with Customers going through different aspects of Energy Intelligence.

Pre Recorded Training Sessions

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Energy Intelligence Online Pages

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  • EI Data Guide
    • full details of all the elements of EI including Data Enrichment, Consumption Data and available Views
  • Configuring and Refreshing EI
    • a group of pages showing how to refresh the data that goes into EI and how to configure Data Source hierarchy, Estimation Techniques, Forecasting options and Emission Reporting periods
  • EI Report Directory
    • a group of pages detailing all the reports available in EI, including a link to the report, a thumbnail and description
  • Using Energy Intelligence
    • a group of pages giving an overview of Sigma, how to run reports, share and broadcast reports
  • Copying, Editing and Creating EI Reports
    • a group of pages showing how to copy, edit and create reports in EI