Document Storage


The Document Library automatically uploads reports and EDI files when Users set up this option.  These can be viewed, opened and/or exported to FTP by all Users.

In order to export to FTP the FTP Configuration will need to be set up.  Click on the link for further information.

Users can also add their own files to the Document Library.

Opening the Document Library Activity

  • Click on the Document Library Activity


Viewing a Document

There are two folders on the left hand side

  • 'company name'  (your Organisation)
  • 'username'  (you)


Organisation Folder

There are two two sub folders in the 'company name' folder

  • EDI Files (if this option is chosen when importing EDI Files)
  • Reports (if this option is chosen when scheduling Reports)

Folder hierarchy 

  • Drill down through the folders to find the file you want to download. For example:
    • Open the EDI Files or Reports folder
      • Open the Year folder
        • Click on Month Number
        • Click on Day Folder


Uploading a personal Document

If you have scheduled a report, it will automatically be downloaded to the date files (as above).

If you want to add your own documents, these can be added to your personal area.

  • Click on Choose Files
  • Locate the file to be added


  • Click OK

Viewing personal Documents

Once uploaded:

  • Click on your personal folder to see all you personal documents


Exporting a Document

Once you have located the file in the folder, you can either Open the file or Export to FTP.

Downloading a Document

  • Right click the line to be downloaded
  • Click Open


The file will be downloaded and you can save or share the document.

Exporting a Document to FTP

If you do not see this option, you may need to set up Sigma to allow for files to be Exported by FTP.  Click here for more details.

You can choose more than one document to be exported.

  • Right click the line(s) to be exported
  • Click Export to FTP


  • The following prompt appears;


  • Click OK for the file to be exported to the FTP Server

Duplicate Files

If you attempt to export a file(s) that has already been exported, a prompt will appear:


There are 3 options

  • Send files except the above...
    • Use this option if you have selected more than one file and you want to export the other files, but not the duplicate
  • Send all files
    • Use this option if you have selected more than one file and you want to export all selected files, including ones that have been previously exported
  • Cancel
    • Cancels the export

Audit History

You will be able to see the Audit History for exported Files.

  • Click on 
  • All documents that have been exported to FTP from the Activity will show here