Estate Management

The Estate Management capability provides a suite of screens that allow you to access and manage the key assets for each of your Sites across your energy estate.

Estates can be complex with an array of different assets (such as Import Meters, Export Meters, Billing Accounts, Associated Driving Data, Supplier Contracts etc.) and these assets and how they relate to each other can evolve over time. This can be due to things like meter exchanges, new meters, billing account changes, new Site acquisitions, and losses.

The Estate Management capability provides insight into this, providing an efficient and instant overview of the assets on a Site. This provides a great foundation to start working on your energy estate, bringing all of the assets that are setup on each of your Sites together in a way that they can be easily maintained, providing access to key information.

Selecting a Site will instantly update the content shown on the screens. The screens are designed to:

  • Improve user experience - ensure the various energy management functions can be performed with as little clicks as possible
  • Be Intuitive - provides full visibility of the assets on a site and how they all relate to each other, especially how they evolve over time
  • Provide the foundation for data quality – key information and relationships exposed so discrepancies are easily spotted so that changes can be made 
  • Increase efficiency - provide access to the other functions that enable you to make changes quickly or start deeper analysis into the data.

Further information on the individual tabs can be found here:

This Activity allows you to:

  • Get a quick insight to top level information about each of your Sites
  • View and Manage Supply Points that are part of a Site
  • View and Manage Billing Accounts that are part of a Site
  • View and Manage Meters and Channels that are part of a Site
  • Access key functions across the system that help you with your energy management tasks

Accessing Estate Management

The Estate Management activity can be accessed in a number of different ways:

  • Click on the Estate Management Activity on the Welcome Page



  • From an Activity:
  • Click Activities and select Estate Management 



  • Click on the Activities Launcher (top right of Sigma)and select Estate Management


Selecting a Site

Open Estate Management and the Data Selector will default to a list of Sites in the Item Finder. 

Click on a Site to see all of the tabs relating to the Site.


The Activity comprises of four tabs:

  • Site Summary
  • Supply Point
  • Accounts 
  • Meters & Channels

Once a Site is selected, the Activity will default is to show the Site Summary tab


Other Search Options

Any search method can be used to find an Site, Supply Point, Account, Meter or Channel.  Whichever Item is selected, the Activity will move to the relevant tab and highlight the Item.  For example, if you search for an Account number and highlight it, the Activity will open the Accounts tab and highlight the Account.  The other three tabs will relate to all other Items for that Site, and you can move around each tab to gain more information on the Items connected to the Site. 


The header displays across all the tabs and provides the following:

  • A breadcrumb trail to the selected Site, Site Group and Organisation, giving quick access to the Site, Site Group and Organisation Editors  
  • Actions dropdown menu (on the right) allows you to access further options and Activities 
  • An Expand Button to hide the Data Selector



Click on a breadcrumb to open the Editor, i.e.:

  • Site Editor
  • Site Group Editor
  • Organisation Editor

Actions Menu



Use the drop-down list for the following options (the options available t will change depending on the User permissions )

  • Edit
  • Add
  • Setup Wizards
  • Reporting
  • Show Queries
  • Data Edit Spreadsheet
  • Show Memos
  • Meter Relationships
  • Site Overview
  • Performance Overview
  • Analytical Tools
  • Bill Entry Original
  • Bill View
  • Data Input
  • Regression
  • Manage Associated Data

Expand Option

  • Click to expand the screen and hide the Data Selector
  • Click again to bring back the Data Selector

Additional information on understand the Tabs

There are 4 tabs in the Estate Management Activity.