Tenant Billing

**Click here for a pre recorded training session for additional help and guidance -  Recharging your Tenants using Sigma which includes how to produce bills for tenants, how to manage a change of tenancy and understand the Items used for Tenant Billing

Tenant Billing Capability Overview


  • Ability to create and manage tenants and assign multiple billing accounts per tenant
  • Multi commodity billing (electricity, gas, water and generic )
  • Change of tenancy processing when tenants move out / in
  • Bundle tenants together into ‘billing groups’ to simplify bill processing
  • Flexible billing frequencies – including monthly, quarterly and annually

Tenant Tariff & Charge Management

  • Flexibility when defining what charges should appear on tenant bills and how they are calculated – using data from different sources:
    • Common or bespoke tariffs – i.e. a defined unit rate
    • Charges based on unit rate/consumption data on incoming supplier bills
    • Charges based on metered consumption
    • Charges based on custom data (e.g. associated data)
  • VAT rate – standard or reduced
  • Flexible apportionment and formulae to enable complex charging methods (derive the data through calculations, apportion into time periods).
  • Manipulate the source data to achieve what you need (e.g. consumption based on floor area).

Tenant Bill Management

  • Trigger and monitor bill runs – approve and issue capability
  • Perform test and accrual bill runs – ‘what if’ scenarios
  • Credit and rebill tenants if a revised bill needs to be sent
  • Automated bill validation to flag potential problems prior to issue
  • Consumption tolerance compared to previous bill or previous year bill
  • Gaps in consumption data
  • Basic capability available to fill these gaps (manually)
  • Make changes, then re-calculate and issue the bill.

PDF Bill Documents

  • The ability to produce Bills for different commodities.

Accounting System Integration

  • Generate accounts extract.


  • Data in EI to facilitate reporting on tenants, bills, charges and consumption.