General Description

What is Sigma?

Sigma energy management is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that includes upgrades, maintenance and support. The key benefit of our SaaS model is that we take care of everything behind the scenes. The benefits of the Sigma energy management SaaS model include:

  • Quick to Deploy: All you need is a web browser and internet access. The Sigma solution does not require any software to be installed so you are able to access Sigma immediately.
  • Zero Infrastructure: The complexity of the underlying IT infrastructure to handle the large energy management data sets managed by TEAM.
  • Seamless Upgrades: TEAM IT support manages all your Sigma upgrades, eliminating the need to install or download patches.
  • Guaranteed Levels of Service: We guarantee the Sigma availability and in the rare case of a system defect we provide you with a service level agreement with regards to fixing the defect.
  • Backups and Data Recovery: Our SaaS solution eradicates this painstaking task by instigating automated backups without user intervention to ensure the integrity of your data.
  • Work Anywhere: Providing you have an internet connection you can access Sigma from anywhere in the world. Users can access their data and work more efficiently from anywhere, at any time, making life easier when home working or working across multiple sites.

What Can Sigma Do?

Sigma is the leading Cloud-based Energy Management, Monitoring and Targeting Software, which allows you to manage energy data from any number of suppliers, any fuel, across multiple sites within a single application. Sigma provides automated utility bill processing and validation, identifies potential areas of waste, target setting, budgeting and reporting. Sigma helps organisations manage their building energy portfolio by reducing costs, resources and compliance risk. Save time and effort by automating repetitive tasks. Improve your bill processing workflow. Find more effective ways to present your data, or troubleshoot energy issues.

Sigma energy management software will enable you to optimise your energy management strategy with a structured, co-ordinated and integrated approach to managing energy.

The Sigma Energy Intelligence (Sigma EI) module turns traditional energy reporting on its head, allowing you to interact with your energy data, how you want, when you want. The fundamental difference between traditional energy reporting solutions and Sigma EI reporting is the ability to interact with the data – to perform multi-dimensional analysis that provides meaningful “Energy Intelligence” that supports energy management decisions and strategy. The Sigma energy management software tools provides the data you need to make wise decisions.

Sigma energy management software includes:

  • Software as a Service
  • Automated Data Importing
  • Tenant Billing
  • Reporting and Energy Analytics
  • Energy Dashboards
  • Storyboards and KPI Reporting
  • Monitoring and Targeting
  • Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Project Management
  • Cost Assurance - Bill Capture & Validation
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Compliance Reporting