Accessing Sigma

Accessing Sigma

Access to Sigma is via your web browser.

At the login screen:

  • Enter your details in the three fields:
    • Company - the company name for your database
    • Username - your User name (as set up by your Administrator)
    • Password - the password created by you (following the email received for you to reset it)


Logging out of Sigma

Once you have finished using Sigma, it is advisable to log out.

  • Click    Account Information
  • Click Sign out


Timing out

Sigma will automatically log the User out if the following criteria is reached:

75 minutes of Idle Time

  • If Sigma is idle (ie not interacted with) for 75 minutes, the session will expire, showing the following prompt:


  • Click  to return to the log on screen
  • Enter your details (company name, user name and password)


  • Click Sign in to return to the first tab you opened during the session

In-Activity for 12 hours

Sigma will automatically log you out after 12 hours in one session.  Follow the above process to log back in.

Quick Start Guide

Once you have logged into Sigma, you are presented with the Welcome Page.

For more information, click here:  Quick Start Guide