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This pages shows the highlights of the previous Releases.

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Release 12.29

  • Release 12.29 introduced the ability to report on multiple GHG Categories for a single Commodity. 
    • For example create/update a Commodity with: 
      • A Primary Category of Electricity - Scope 2
      • A Secondary Category of Transmission and Distribution - Scope 3
    • Click here for more details on how to add Commodities, including adding  Primary and Secondary Categories


Release 12.28

  • Release 12.28 introduced the ability to set the reporting period in Energy Intelligence for Emission Reporting. The default is set to January to December, but you can change to any period, for example May to April.  Click here for more information
    • Also, Commodities can now be created in bulk.  Click here for more information
    • Two new reports have been added to Energy Intelligence: Monthly Billed Cost and Consumption Year on Year and Monthly Metered Consumption Year on Year 
      • Log into Energy Intelligence to view the new reports


  • Click here to view the recorded Webinar explaining the changes in Release 12.28

Release 12.27


Release 12.26

  • Release 12.26  brings the ability to enable forecasting for Consumption and Emissions data in Energy Intelligence for all reports that use the Best Available Consumption Data.  Data can also be uplifted or reduced over a maximum 2 year forecast period


Release 12.25

Release 12.25 builds on the improvements in 12.24 to enhance Greenhouse Gas Reporting, with the following:

Release 12.24

Release 12.24 introduced improvements in Sigma to aid Scope 3 reporting:


  • Click here for more details 

Release 12.23

Release 12.23 introduced a change to EI Reporting:


  • Click here for more details 

Release 12.22

Release 12.22 introduced:

Release 12.21 

Release 12.21 Introduced:

  • Asset Types 
  • Meter Relationships  
  • Carbon Emission Reporting - See the new report in Energy Intelligence showing billed cost, consumption and carbon emissions.  You can filter the report by Date, Commodity, Site Group and/or Site.  The emission factors are taken from the figures published yearly by Defra.

    • Open Energy Intelligence and search 'Billed Cost, Consumption and Carbon Emissions'


  • Emission Factor Values - View the Emission Factors used for each year
    • Open Energy Intelligence and search 'Emission Factors used in EI Reporting'