Creating Commodities

Additional Commodities can be created in Sigma and be used to record Scope 3 Commodities, such as Business Travel and Waste Disposal.

Sigma will use the appropriate Conversion Factor for any Item that is associated with a Commodity and TEAM will update the Emission Factors  as and when they are updated by DEFRA.   

However, you can also choose to use your own bespoke Factors, see below for more detail.

You can create as many Commodities as required for your Organisation.  Best practice would be to decide how much detail you want to report on, then create the required Commodities. We recommend using the naming conventions used by DEFRA for the Category, Activity and Sub Categories to create the name of the Commodity in Sigma.

Commodities can include a Primary and (if required) a Secondary Greenhouse Category.

For example you could create the following Commodities with a Primary category:

  • Business Travel
    • Business Travel - Land - Diesel
    • Business Travel - Land - Petrol
    • Business Travel - Air - First Class
  • Waste Disposal
    • General Waste 
    • Waste Disposal - Paper
    • Waste Disposal - Commercial - Landfill

If required, you can also add a Secondary category, for example:

  • T&D
    • Transmission and Distribution
  • WTT
    • Well To Tank

For more information on Creating Commodities:

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