Loading EDI Files

Loading an EDI File

Open EDI Batch Load Activity to import the File

  • Click 
  • Click Choose Files
  • Locate your file
  • Click Open
  • Click OK

Click here for details on how to import EDI Files Automatically

Duplicate Files

Sigma will check to see if the file has already been loaded.  If so the following error (in red) will display:


  • Click Cancel so as not to load the duplicate file.

The file will still show in the EDI Batch Load Activity.

To remove from Sigma:

  • Right click on file 
  • Click Remove EDI Delivery

The file will be removed from Sigma.

Options on Loading

If the file is not a duplicate, complete as follows:

General Options

Field  - General OptionsDescription
EDI Provider

Choose from the dropdown list (the EDI Provider must be in Sigma for it to appear in the list)

If the Provider doesn't show, it will need to be added. 

Click here for more details.

File NamePre-filled
Generation No.Pre-filled
Date ReceivedPre-filled with todays date
Save to Document LibraryTick if you want to save the File into to Document Library Activity in Sigma after it has been submitted for processing.
Test MessageLeave blank

Accept Batch Options

Field  - Accept Batch OptionsDescription
Automatically Accept?Tick to automatically accept the Batch after it has been processed. If left unticked, the Batch can be accepted in the Batch Management Activity once the file has loaded.
Passed Bill Threshold

This is used to determine whether the file should be automatically accepted.

Enter a figure, for example 95. This means that if 95% of the bills are 'passed', then Sigma will automatically accept the Batch (if the Automatically Accept? field is ticked).

If left at 0, the batch can be accepted manually in the Batch Management Activity.

Load Batch Options

Field  - Load Batch OptionsDescription
Load Passed to Account?

Tick to load all Passed Bills to the Accounts so that they show as Loaded in the Batch Management Activity, once the batch has been accepted.

If unticked, this is then managed in the Batch Management Activity.

Notification Options

Field  - Notification OptionsDescription
Error NotificationTick and enter a valid email address if you want to receive an Email for an errors.
Completion NotificationTick and enter a valid email address if you want to receive an Email upon completion of the upload.

Once all fields are completed:

Note:  more than one email can be added, simply use a comma (,) between the addresses

Click OK for the file to show in the list and is ready to be processed.

Processing the File

  • Highlight the File

  • Click 

The file will move to the Queued Files section

Then you will see the activity in the Loading File section

Note:  You do NOT need to stay in Sigma for the file to load

The Processing Log will show the progress of each bill

And finally, the Batch will show in the Recent Activity

The file is removed from the list, and the action is complete

  • Move to EDI Batch Management Activity to process the bills


If you have chosen to turn on notifications in the Batch Load Activity, the follow shows examples of the emails:

Completion Notification - Passed Bills Loaded to Account

The following email is sent:

Completion Notification - Batch Not Accepted Due to Tolerance

The following email is sent:

Error Notification - File Not Processed.  Invalid Format/Structure

The following email is sent: