Viewing the EDI Account History


A bill that has been added into Sigma via the EDI Batch Management will not show against the Account (ie in Bill Entry) until it has been loaded into the database. (ie it has a status of Loaded in EDI Batch Management).

In the below example, the only bills visible in Bill Entry (and therefore reportable on), would be those with the Status of Loaded.

The EDI Account History Activity will help you see ALL bills that are in EDI Batch Management, including those that haven't been Loaded against an Account.

Opening EDI Account History

  • Click on EDI Account History


Searching for an Account

There are two ways to search for an Account:

Data Selector

You cannot search by other Items such as Site etc, only the Account number but you can use different types of searches, ie Item Finder, Multi List, Global Search etc.

Using the Data Selector to find an Account number will enable you to find any bills that are associated with that Account number, ie, if the Account number has changed, all bills will show

  • Highlight the Account number in the Data Selector and the screen will display the bills that have been loaded via the EDI Batch Management Activity


Partial Account number search

  • Enter the partial Account number followed by % to search on Accounts beginning with the characters entered
  • Enter a % followed by the partial Account number  to search on Accounts ending with the characters entered
  • Click 

If more than one Account is found matching the search, the Select Account pop-up will open

  • Select the Account  from the drop down 

Note:  Entering a partial Account number with a % could bring back results for more than one Account.

Account Number Search Option

Note: Using this option will search for Bills under that Account Number only, and will not show any entered before/after an Account Number Change.

If you want all Bills, search using the Data Selector option.

Also, you cannot search for a partial Account Number.

Using the Search option within the Activity:

  • Enter the Account number you want to check
  • Click 


Understanding the Activity

Once you have searched for an Account number, the Activity will display ALL bills that have been loaded via the EDI Batch Management Activity.  This will exclude any entered directly in Bill Entry or Bill Entry Original.

The Activity will show bills that are in any category, ie Loaded, Unloaded, Passed, Query, Failure etc

This could help if you are trying to find a suspected duplicate bill as EDI Batch Management will see all bills (even those that show as Unloaded, Passed, Query, Failure etc)

The difference between this and Bill Entry or Bill Entry Original is that the Bill Activities only show bills that have a status of Loaded.

Available Actions

  • Right click on a bill to see the same EDI menu that you would see in the EDI Batch Management Activity



Columns can be added/hidden, reordered and moved as required.

Adding/Hiding  Columns

  • Click on the downward arrow on the Column Header
    • Tick to include the Column
    • Untick to hide the Column


Reordering Columns

  • Click on a Column Header and the Column will sort ascending/descending (alphabetically or numerically)

Moving Columns

  • Hold down the mouse on a Column Header and drag it to the position required