Adding a new EDI Supplier

Before you can load EDI files for a new Supplier,  you  need to add the appropriate EDI Supplier in Sigma, along with an EDI Provider.

EDI Supplier Setup Activity

  • Open the EDI Supplier Setup Activity 



From the Activities dropdown:

  • Click on Activities
  • Click Bulk Billing
  • Click EDI Supplier Setup


  • Click on  to add a new Supplier to your list
    • Module Name - e.g. enter Castle Water
    • Class name -  choose from the dropdown e.g. Castle Water Tradacoms
    • Module Type - choose from the dropdown, eg Bulk Bill Checker Module
  • Click OK


  • Open a new Activity, i.e. Estate Management (so that you can get to the Tree Selector)
  • Change the Data Selector to Tree Selector
  • Right click on EDI PROVIDER
  • Choose Add EDI Provider


  • Provider Name - enter the name i.e. Castle Water 
    • EAN Location - This uniquely identifies the Provider (however if you do not have this you can use any number that is unique in Sigma)
    • Arbitrary Reference - not mandatory
    • Receipt Email Address - not mandatory
    • VAT Registration Number - not mandatory
    • Module - choose you have just added, i.e.Castle Water Tradacoms
  • Click OK



You are now able to add an EDI file from your new Provider. 

Note: When setting up EDI Billing for Water, Sigma will look for both Water and Sewerage commodities.  When matching an Account, Sigma will firstly look for a Water Account and if doesn't find one, it will then check for a Sewerage Account.  The Water and Sewerage Accounts would need to have different Account numbers.

Additional Setup Options

Click on the links below for more information: