Overlapping Supply Point Contract Periods


This report identifies:

  •  Supply Point Contract periods overlap with another Contract period in the same Supply Point

This can cause double counting of figures when reporting from your Supply Points, for example, when using Best Available Consumption View

Resolution:  Check the Supply Point and rectify the Contract Periods.

Opening the Report

Open Energy Intelligence and search for the Report OR click on the link below to log into Energy Intelligence and open the Report for you:

Overlapping Supply Point Contract Periods

If there are any Supply Points with overlapping Contract Periods, this report will identify them.

Investigating the Issue

  • From Energy Intelligence, copy the Supply Point Number
  • Open Estate Management and change the Item to Supply Point
  • Search and highlight the Supply Point, which will open the Supply Point tab and highlight the Supply Point


Rectifying the Issue

Checking the Supply Point Contract history

  • With the Supply Point highlighted, click to view the overlap(s)
    • The below shows an overlap
      • A contract from 01/10/2020 to 24/06/2021, followed by another one from 19/06/2021 with no end date, therefore the periods overlap


Rectifying the overlap

The dates need to be amended so that they follow on:

  • Highlight the Contract period you want to change
    • Change the start / end dates so that they follow on rather than overlap

Checking the Contract periods

Once you have rectified the overlaps, check the Supply Point Contract History section in Estate Management

  • From the Supply Point tab, highlight the Supply Point
    • View the Supply Point Contract History section