Active Accounts without Current Supply Point Link


This report identifies:

  •  Active Accounts not linked to a Supply Point 

This could lead to under-reporting.

ResolutionAssign the Account to a Supply Point.

Opening the Report

Open Energy Intelligence and search for the Report OR click on the link below to log into Energy Intelligence and open the Report for you:

Active Accounts without Current Supply Point Link

If there are any active Accounts without a current Supply Point Link, the following shows:

The tabular data shows that these Accounts do have an Active Flag, but are not linked to a current Supply Point.

  • From Energy Intelligence, copy the Account Number
  • Open Estate Management and change the Item to Account
  • Search and highlight the Account, which will open the Accounts tab 
  • Note, the Related Items confirms that the Account is not linked to a Supply Point

  • Check the bills in Bill Entry to see if a bill shows the Supply Point:
    • Open the Accounts tab and highlight the Account 
    • Click on Bill Entry
      • If the PDF has been attached, open to check for the Supply Point number
  • Alternatively, this may need to be done outside of Sigma

Once you have confirmed the Supply Point number that matches the Account:

  • Click on the Supply Point tab and check to see if the Supply Point is in the list
  • Click here for details on how to create a new Supply Point 
  • Highlight the Supply Point in the Supply Point tab
    • Click Manage Contract For Supply
    • Choose the Account from the Current Account dropdown
  • From either the Supply Point or Accounts tab, highlight the Supply Point or Account and check the Related Items section.  This will show the Supply Point, Meter, Account, Contract etc, confirming that they are now linked