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TEAM moved to a new support management system called Manage Engine Service Desk Plus from Thursday 4th April 2024. This system manages all the correspondence with our Support staff once a ticket had been raised.

TEAM have decided to do this to:

  • help control ongoing increasing costs

  • rationalise the number of internal platforms we use at TEAM

  • leverage new functionality that will streamline our support processes going forwards

Further details are provided below, but if you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us on support[at]

What is the impact to me?

We are doing this in a way that will minimise any disruption to you - we have tried to get the new system up so that it works in the same way as the current system.

Contacting us by Email

The email address “support[@]” can continue to be used to send your request.

Contact using using Web Form (Support Portal)

For any Customers that raise tickets via the online web portal, this is still possible but the URL has changed to:

You will need to create a new username/password on the new system before you can login to the portal. You will receive an email from “” after the 4th April which will allow you to set your own password. The email will look like the following:


Once logged into the portal, the look and feel is very similar in terms of how to complete the form:



Contacting us by Telephone

There is no change to contacting us by telephone.

The same number (01909 690 018) and option for getting support over the phone remains. We will raise a ticket on your behalf if follow up investigation is required as a result of the phone call. You will receive an automated email from the system when the new ticket has been raised, and you will be able to reply to that ticket to update us.

Email replies and updates from the Support

Any emails received from the TEAM Support Helpdesk will come from the email address (support[at] The look and feel of the email replies will remain the same.

You can continue to reply to the emails to send us an update/further information relating to the same request. Please don’t change the subject of the email (the system uses the text in the subject to link it to the ongoing existing ticket in the system).

When will I get email updates?

You can expect the following email notifications to be received once a ticket has been raised:

  • Initial acknowledgement email on receipt of a new ticket

  • Reply notification when a TEAM representative has replied to the ticket

  • Solved notification when the status of the Ticket has been changed to “Solved”

Can I see my existing tickets?

Any tickets that are Open at the point of the transition will move across into the new system so that any follow up activity can continue. When you reply to to an email chain from a ticket in the previous Zendesk system, this will generate a new ticket after the transition, and you will get a notification that treats it like a new request rather than an update. We will merge the tickets together for you, and the new email chain can then be used going forwards.

You will not be able to see any previously closed tickets in the new web portal, only the open tickets at the point of the transition and any new tickets that are created after 4th April. You can still login to the Zendesk portal ( for a period of 6 Months after the 4th April. All access will be removed from the previous support portal on 30th September 2024.

Automatic Notifications

Automatic Notifications can be set up for:

  • Details of any planned maintenance

  • Details of any severely degraded performance

  • Latest set of degree days are available

Click here for more details on how to subscribe.


Thank you for your understanding, and please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information on support[at]


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