Estimation Techniques

What elements use estimation techniques?

  • Performance Overview
  • Period Summary Overview
  • Site Overview – Information Widget, Performance Widget
  • Dashboard widgets – Consumption Plot, Estate/Group Energy Usage, Highest/Lowest Performing Sites, Year on Year
  • GHG Reporting
  • Project Tracking

How is it data gathered?

  • The data is gathered from existing Supply Points within the Sigma database
  • The data is collected initially based on the best available data from each Supply Point, with the following hierarchy
    • Periodic Channels (actual)
    • Non Periodic Channels (actual)
    • Billing Data (actual)
    • Billing Data (estimated)
    • Virtual Meter Data
    • Consumption data
  • Once all of the available data has been collected Sigma will then assess any gaps in the data and attempt to fill them with Sigma Estimated data
    • Periodic Channels (estimated)
    • Non Periodic Channels (estimated)
    • Pro Rata (Sigma Estimate)
    • Direct Comparison (Sigma Estimate)

How is the estimated data calculated?

Pro Rata Calculation:

  • Sigma attempts to find the first period of 3+ months data within 1 year of the gap
  • Then Sigma takes an average value of this period to use for each 30 minute interval in order to fill the gap

Direct Comparison Calculation:

  • Sigma will fill any gaps by using data from 52 weeks previous. (Using 52 weeks instead of 1 year ensures that the data is for the same day of the week)
  • This data calculation method is not used on Performance Overview, Estate/Group Energy Usage, Highest/Lowest Performing Sites and the Year on Year widget