Reporting - Accruals

Sigma provides a basic accruals report that can be used to accrue using calculations based on existing data. The reports can be exported from Sigma/EI in spreadsheet format for use by your finance department.

**Click here for a pre recorded training session for additional help and guidance - Accrual Reporting which includes how to use the Sigma Accruals Master and the EI Accrual reports

There are Reports in Sigma Reporting and Energy Intelligence:

Accruals per Account by Monthly Energy Intelligence Report

This report will attempt to calculate an estimated bill cost for an Account for a year and month period. It will use recent, historic bill data or metered consumption, depending on the “quality” of metered consumption available. It will only accrue where it there is no actual billing data for the complete month. It will calculate the accrual based on the best data available. The Accrual Type column outlines the accrual methodology that has been used.

Accruals Master Report in Sigma Reporting

A report which performs an Accrual based on the latest bill ('Basic' accrual using cons and cost from that) or cons from the previous year in the same period ('Price Annual' accrual) with cost rate from the latest bill.  Gives notification if a bill exists beyond the Accrual Date.  Performing an accrual from a set start date to finish date is also provided for.

Accruals with gaps filled by averages

A site based Accruals report showing Cost/day, Units/day, Days, Accrued Cost, Accrued Consumption, units and Utility.  Any gaps found will be filled using averaged values from previous data.