Virtual Training Sessions

These training sessions were recorded live during 2020/2021.

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Below are the Agendas for each of the above sessions.  You can also click on the Session name to open the recording.

Accrual Reporting

recorded in August 2020

  • What Accruals are

  • How to run the Accruals Master Report

    • Explanation of the columns in the Report

    • Saving the Report in Sigma

  • How to run the Accruals per Account by Month EI Report

    • Explanation of the columns in the Report

  • Available Help

Adding additional data to Sites for Benchmark Reporting

recorded in August 2020

  • What additional data can be added?
    • Floor Area, Population, Occupancy, Degree Days etc
  • How to add additional data to a Site
    • How to add the data value
  • How to add additional data using the Data Wizard
  • How to add additional data in bulk
  • How to view and update additional data
  • Reporting
    • Sigma Reports
    • Energy Intelligence Reports

Adding Asset Types for commodities e.g Solar Generation, EV Charging, Heating/Cooling etc (Release 12.21)

recorded in November 2020

  • Data Selector changes
  • Editor Changes
  • Estate Management changes
  • Viewing Meter Relationships
  • Assigning Meter Relationships and Assets individually
    • Adding new Asset Types
  • Assigning Meter Relationships and Asset Types in bulk
    • Data Edit Spreadsheet
    • Tag CSV files
  • Creating Items such as Account, Meter, Supply Points etc
  • Online User Manual updates

Adding Bespoke Emission Factors and New Password Security (Release 12.25)

recorded in March 2020

  • How to add bespoke GHG Conversion Factors
  • How to import Consumption Data in bulk
  • Improvements to the Password security

Bill Entry

recorded in September 2020

  • Tips on entering Bills
  • Amending the view to suit your needs and the supplier format
  • Specific Validation for manual Bills
  • Moving between Bill Entry/EDI Batch Management/Estate Management
  • Available Help


recorded in June 2020 

  • Determining your Budget Figures
  • How to create a Budget Group 
    • How to add Accounts, Meters or Monitoring Points to the Budget Group
    • How to add Target figures (if required)
  • How to view/manage the Budget once created
  • Help Files

Checking the Quality of your Sigma Database

recorded in September 2021 

  • Reports to identify issues with the database set up
  • Best Practice Set Up
  • Rectifying the issues
  • Reports to help identify gaps / accuracy in data
  • Online User Manual updates

Creating Multiple GHG Categories to enhance GHG Reporting - Release 12.29

recorded in August 2021 

  • Updating an existing Commodity to include a second GHG Category
  • Creating a new Commodity with a second GHG Category
  • Recap on the changes to Emissions Reporting Period (Release 12.28

EDI Automation

recorded in May 2020

  • Setting up EDI Automation
    • What gets automated?
  • Email notifications
  • Where to view the automated schedule

Editing Data in Bulk in Sigma 

recorded in July 2020

  • Exporting data in bulk
    • Sites, Accounts, Meters etc
  • Updating data in bulk
    • Address details, Meter Locations. Channel IDs etc
    • Property Keys
  • Reporting on what Data (Accounts, Meters etc) is attached to a Supply Point
  • Changing Contract and Account number in bulk
  • Available Help

Emission Factor Reporting Period Configuration & Adding Commodities in Bulk (Release 12.28)

recorded in July 2021

  • Changing the Emission Reporting Period
  • Adding Commodities in Bulk

Energy Intelligence Reporting

recorded in June 2020

  • Overview of what data goes into EI
  • Overview of EI
  • Different types of Reports  (known in EI as views)
  • Example Reports, including:
    • Monthly Consumption and Cost – using billing data
    • Emissions (Pie Chart) – using best available data
  • How to mark Reports as Favourites / Bookmarks
  • How to export/schedule Reports, including sending reports to non Sigma Users and embedding links
  • Example Dashboard
  • Help files

Energy Intelligence Report Editing 

recorded in July 2020

  • Columns
    • Renaming Columns
    • Changing Column widths
    • Reordering Columns
    • Adding Prefixes and Suffixes
    • Adding Totals, Averages etc
  • Filtering Options
    • Adding/amending User Filters
    • Adding/amending Predefined Filters
    • Linking Filters (drilling down from Site Group to Site)
    • Moving the location of a Filter
  • Adding a Logo to a Report
  • Available Help

EI Report Editing  

Recorded May 2021

  • Amending existing Filters
    • Changing from/to User Filters and Predefined Filters
  • Adding additional Filtering
    • Such as Assets, Property Keys etc
  • Additional options on Filtering
  • Hiding existing Columns
  • Amending Column Header names and Filter Names
  • Removing or replacing existing graphs
  • Adding Company Logo to a report
  • Saving the revised report
  • New Reports in Energy Intelligence

Energy Viewer

recorded in July 2020

  • Using the Energy Viewer
  • Setting up Users for the Energy Viewer
    • Restricting Access to certain Sites
  • Available Help and Video

Entering Manual Meter Readings  

recorded in July 2020

  • Inputting Manual Readings
    • In bulk
    • Via the Energy Viewer
  • Reporting on last entered Meter Readings
  • Exporting Meter Readings
  • Validating Billed consumption against Manual Meter Readings
  • Self Read Values Report
  • Available Help

Estate Setup and Maintenance

recorded in May 2020 

  • Setting up a Site
  • Setting up the Supply Point, Account, Meter and Channels in one go
  • Setting up Supply Points,  Accounts, Meters and  Channels separately
    • Linking these to a Supply Point
  • Changing Account Numbers (and Suppliers)
  • Changing Meters
  • Closing Sites
  • Location of Help Files

Forecasting Consumption and Emissions Data

recorded May 2021

  • Methodology of Forecasting Consumption and Emissions Data 
  • Configuration options for Estimation Techniques and Forecasting 
  • Sample Energy Intelligence Report 
  • Emissions Summary Dashboard

GHG Scope 3 Reporting (Release 12.24)

recorded in March 2021

  • How to add Commodities such as Waste, Transport, Business Travel, Commuting, Supply Chain etc
  • How to add Consumption Data Items to aid Scope 3 reporting
  • Additional Emission Factors added to EI
  • How to view improvements to the Emissions Summary Dashboard

Hints, Tips and Shortcuts for Sigma

recorded in September 2020

  • Refreshing the data
  • Expanding the screen
  • Searching tips
  • Hints and tips around Sigma

Identifying Data Gaps using the Data Monitoring Activity

recorded in May 2020

  • Overview of the Data Monitoring Activity
  • How to set up a Data Gap Strategy (so that Sigma will look for gaps in Half Hourly Data every night)
  • How to view those Gaps
  • How to fill Gaps automatically (if required)

Importing AMR Data

recorded in June 2020

  • Checking the Periodic Channel is set up correctly
  • Finding the right Importer
  • Importing the data
  • Importing the data automatically
  • Spot checking/viewing  the imported data
  • Unmatched Data process
  • Monitoring the Data

Managing your Estate

recorded in May 2020

  • How to view all of the Supply Points, Accounts, Meters & Channels attached to a Site
  • How to edit/create new Items
  • How to change/manage Contracts
  • How to manage/add Associated Data
  • How to link seamlessly to other Activities such as Bill Entry and Reporting
  • Location of Help Files

Monitoring Trends in HH Data

recorded in August 2020

  • Explanation of the two available Trend Strategies
    • Fixed Profile Strategy
    • Dynamic Profile Strategy
  • How to set up a Trend Strategy
  • How to create daily/weekly/monthly emails with notifications of anomalies
  • How to work through Notifications  and investigate further
  • How to add notes and close a Notification

Query Management

recorded in June 2020

  • What is a Query in Sigma?
  • Identify existing Queries
  • How to create a Query from various activities such as
    • EDI Billing
    • Bill Entry
    • Estate Management
    • Reporting
  • How to manage Queries
  • Filtering Options in the Query Management Activity
  • Reporting on Queries
  • Help Files

Recharging your Tenants using Sigma

Learn how Sigma can help you recharge part of your Estate to Departments or

recorded in July 2020

  • Produce bills for tenants using your metered or billed consumption values
    • produce paper bills 
    • produce a file for your Accounts System 
  • View the additional elements of Sigma required to recharge tenants
  • Manage change of tenancies within Sigma

Recording your data for Energy Compliance 

recorded in September 2020

  • Understanding what details can be recorded
  • How to record data such as DECs and EPCs
  • How to attach the documentation
  • Available Help

Refreshing EI Data and Emissions Dashboard (Release 12.23)

recorded in February 2021

  • Refreshing Energy Intelligence data as and when required
  • Changes to the Best Available Data in Energy Reporting
    • Ability to personalise the preferences of the data used
  • New Emissions Dashboard based on Best Available Data
  • Introducing the Energy Intelligence Directory of Reports
  • Data Integrity Improvements – warning messages
  • Changing the Water symbol in Sigma  

Reporting on Half Hourly Data 

recorded in June 2020 

  • A selection of reports in the Reporting Activity, including
    • Site Monthly Profile
    • General Graph & Table
    • Daily Consumption Exception
    • Channel Day Compare/Channel Week Compare
  • A selection of reports in  Energy Intelligence Activity, including
    • Channel Day Compare
    • Site Analysis Dashboard
  • Browsing Data
  • Available Help

Setting up Validation

recorded in May 2020 

  • Understanding EDI pre-set validation
  • Understanding what validation currently exists on your database
  • How to add new validators
    • Including variables and tolerances
  • Validator setup – best practice examples
  • Understanding failed validation

Understanding and Running a Report in Energy Intelligence

recorded in October 2021

  • Understanding Energy Intelligence
  • Layout
  • Folders
  • Searching for Reports
  • Best Available Consumption Data View
  • Opening and understanding a Report
  • Filtering options
  • Exporting a Report
  • Closing a Report
  • Right click options
  • My Favourites Folder
  • Refreshing the data
  • Energy Intelligence Report Directory

Using the Accounting System Interface for Billing Data transfer

recorded in August 2020

  • Understand the function of the Interface
  • Understand the options available in creating the file
    • All bills, specific EDI file, specific commodity, a Site or Site Group, date ranges etc
  • Create a file
  • View/Extract the transfer files
  • View the extracted date in the bill

Validation - Understanding Query/Failed Validation Issues

recorded in June 2021

  • Viewing the Query / Failed Validation

  • Understanding / Investigating the Failed Validation message

  • 10 Example Validators

  • Setting a query to deal with the issue at a later date

  • Viewing / Amending existing Validator criteria

  • Online User Manual