Unmatched imported data


Periodic Data (Half hourly consumption for example) can be imported manually or scheduled into Sigma.

When the data is imported, Sigma will look at the unique ID in the import and match it against the Data Load ID in the Channel.  If it cant find it, Sigma will still import the data, but create a new Channel in Unmatched Items.

The Data Load ID is found in the Channel.

  • Open the Estate Management Activity
  • Search for the Channel (or you can use the Site, Meter, Supply Point etc)
  • Click on the Meters & Channels Tab
  • Highlight the Meter
  • Highlight the Channel 
  • Click  


The Data Load ID 1 is generally the Core MPAN or MPRN (for Electricity or Gas), but not necessarily.  This will be decided by the source you are getting the data from.  See the What will the data look like? section in Manually importing Half Hourly data (periodic data) section for more detail.

Viewing Unmatched Data

  • Open the Estate Management Activity
  • Search for 'unmatched' (in the Data Selector > Site)


  • Highlight the Unmatched Imported Objects Site

This will show any unmatched Channels:

In this example. it shows 12 Periodic Channels that are 'unmatched' which means when they were imported, Sigma could not match the ID in the file with a Data Load ID in a Channel.

Viewing the Unmatched Channels

Once you have searched for the unmatched Channels (as above):

  • Highlight Unmatched Imported Objects in the Data Selector
  • Click on the Meters & Channels Tab

This shows all the Channels that are unmatched (ie, the Data Load ID does match anything already in Sigma).

The first Channel in the list is highlighted, and you can see the data in the Analysis section.

  • Click on each Channel to see the Analysis in the bottom section


Identifying the Channel

From the Estate Management Activity, Meters & Channels Tab:

  • Highlight the Channel in the Channels section
  • Click  to open the Channel Editor
  • Copy the Data Load ID 1 


  • Click Cancel to close the pop up
  • Change the Data Selector from Item Finder to Global Search 
  • Paste the Data Load ID and Search

Note:  If you are unable to recognise the Data Load ID, you could use the last date/time the data was imported (Latest import) and the importer used (Last importer) to help identify the Channel.

Search Results - shows Channel Only

If the Channel is the only Item found, it would indicate that the Data Load ID is not also used as a Supply Point number or Meter Number.


In this instance, you may need to contact your Supplier to find out where the data is for.

Search Results - shows Supply Point and Channel 

In this instance, the search has found the Periodic Channel (in the Unmatched Imported Objects) and a Supply Point


From the Data Selector:

  • Right click on the Supply Point
  • Click Estate Management 

In this instance, the Supply Point is for General Hospital Site (shown at the top of the screen)


Checking if a Meter is attached to the Supply Point

To enable you to move the Channel to the correct Site, a Meter will need to be under the Site.

  • View  the Related Items section to see if a Meter is attached to the Supply Point 

Shows a Meter is attached:


Shows no Meter is attached:

  • In order to move the Channel, you need a Meter.  Click here for details on how to add a new Meter 

Moving the Channel to the correct Meter

Once you established the Site (and have added a Meter if necessary), the Channel can be moved from the Unmatched Imported Objects to the Site.

From the Estate Management Activity:

  • Change the Data Selector to Global Search
    • Search for the Channel to show you the Channel and the Supply Point


From the Data Selector:

  • Right click on the Channel 
    • Click Cut 
  •  Click on the Supply Point to open the Supply Point tab
    • Click on the Site Summary tab
      • Use the mini Tree View, right click on the Meter
      • Click Paste


The Channel has now been moved from the  Unmatched Imported Objects to the correct Meter located in the Supply Point, under the Site

  • Expand the Mini Tree View to see the Channel


What happens if the Channel isn't matched to the correct Meter?

If the Channel is not matched with a Meter and moved to the correct Site, the next time an import is processed, the data will be added to the Channel in the Unmatched Imported Objects.

For example, if you import data for a  Channel that doesn't exist, a Channel is created in the Unmatched Imported Objects.  If the import is scheduled daily, and you don't notice the Channel, each import will add to the Channel therefore building up more and more data.  When the Channel is moved, all of that data will remain in the Channel and move to the new Meter / Site.