Bill Tags

Bill Tags

Bill Tags are the fields in the bills.  Sigma has 'tag' number for each field and this can be used to identify what field you want to validate against.

For example, here is a  Validator that require a Bill Tag:

Bill Against Associated Data 

Use the following information to find the correct Bill Tag:

Note: Each Commodity will have a different Tag for the same fields, for example the PPU (pence per unit) will be in a different Tag number for Gas, Electricity and Water.

  • Open Bill Entry Original
  • Open any Bill of the Commodity you require

  • Note the field you want to find the Tag for - in this example it is the Gas PPU

  • Click on Show bill tags  

The figure in the field will change to show you the tag number.  In this example the Tag is 2201

  • Click Show bill tags again to return to the entered figure