Changing Account Numbers (Supplier remains the same)

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Changing an Account Number (Supplier remains the same)

If your Supplier changes the Account number or you simply have set it up with the wrong number, you will need to update Sigma.

This can be done from the Estate Management Activity or from the Data Selector.

Open Estate Management Activity

  • Search for, and highlight the Site, Account or Supply Point using the Data Selector 
  • Click on the Account Tab 
  • Highlight the Account
  • Click Wizards 



  • Right click on the Account from the Data Selector
  • Click on Setup Wizards


Either way, the Wizard popup appears:

  • Click Account Number Migration Wizard
  • Click OK


The Wizard pop up appears

  • Enter the new Account Number
  • Enter the effective from date
  • Click Next


The Migration results pop up appears confirming the change:


  • Click Finish to save

The Related Items section will be updated with the new Account number.


Searching for the previous Account number 

You won't find the previous Account number if you search by Item Finder > Account.

Searching for the old Account number in Bill Entry Original

  • Change the Data Selector to Global Search
  • Search for the previous Account Number


Although you searched for the previous Account Number, Sigma will show you the new Account Number


Searching for the old Account number in Bill Entry 

  • Search for the previous Account number
    • The previous Account number will show in the Account history
  • Click on the search results


From the Supply Overview:

  • Click on the arrow next to Account to see the previous Account numbers


Changing a Contract and Account Number

If the Contract AND the Account Number change, click on the link below: