Creating Sites

Creating a Site

Although this can be done from most Activities, its best done from the the Estate Management Activity.

  • Open Estate Management
  • Using the Data Selector, right click on the Site Group > Add > Site


  • Enter as much information as you have
    • Site Name - the name of the building/site that you want to add to Sigma
    • Benchmark Category - Optional - choose from the dropdown list (TM46 Benchmarks)  Used with Activities such as Performance Overview
    • Site Reference - Optional (searchable)
    • Contact - Optional
    • Title - Optional
    • Telephone number - Optional
    • Email Address - Optional, enter if using Data Monitoring and want to send email directly to the Site Contact
    • ID code - Optional
    • Financial Id Code - Optional


  • Click on the Location tab and enter the address details


  • Click OK to save

The Address and Site Reference  can then be used to in searching.

For example, if you use the Item Finder or Global Search, you can enter the Post Code and Sigma will find the corresponding Site.

Item Finder:


Global Search: