Stored Searches - Creating/Amending Stored Searches


Stored Searches enable you to create pre-defined list of Items, such as Sites, Accounts, Meters etc.  You can 'prefilter' to automatically select a Commodity etc

The search works dynamically, so that if you have add in new Sites etc the Stored Search will automatically include them.

Opening the Stored Search Activity

  • From an Activity in Sigma, click on   (top right of Sigma)

          Note: there is not an option on the welcome page or in the Activities dropdown list


Creating a Stored Search 

  • Click  to bring up the Create a new stored Search popup

There are four fields to complete:

Field Description
NameAdd a name for the Stored Search
Select all items of typeChoose which Item you want to start with (ie, Site, Account or Meter)
PublicTick if you want the Stored Search to be visible to other Sigma users
NoneTick if you want to start with a blank page (ie no Sites etc)


  • Click  .  if you have chosen an Item (as per the above screenshot), the page will display a list of all of those Items.

          At the bottom of the page you will see the steps that have been taken, ie it has retrieved 208 Items (Accounts)


At this point, you could save the Stores Search (see below), or continue to refine it using the binocular Icon

  • Click on the binocular


Narrowing down the Stored Search

Once you have started to create a Stored Search, you can then narrow down what is brought back.  Each option will change depending on what Item you originally chosen.

Single property

  • Click on the binocular
  • Click Single property
  • Choose the Property Key


Allows you to narrow the list down to a Property Key.  for example, the above is a list of Accounts.  If you just wanted a list of Accounts that had a particular Property Key attached, use this option.


  • Click on the binocular
  • Click Flags
  • Choose the Flag


Allows you to narrow the list down to a particular Flag

Custom search

  • Click on the binocular
  • Click Customer search
  • Choose from the Search

Allows you to narrow down the list to things such as Cost Centre names.

Referenced item

  • Click on the binocular
  • Click Referenced Item
  • Choose the Item

Allows you to narrow down the list the Commodity for example

Single item field

  • Click on the binocular
  • Click Single Item field
  • Choose the Field

Allows you to narrow down the list to things such as Group ID.

Go to item

  • Click on the binocular
  • Click Go to item
  • Choose the Item

Allows you to narrow move up/down the Tree Selector to other Items such as up to the Sites for all the Accounts selected

In the below example,  the list was created as follows:

  • All Accounts


  • Binoculars > Flags > Active flag > true


  • Referenced item > Commodity > type ele


Removing Items from the list

At any point during the creation, you can remove Items from the list.  For example, if you are starting with Site Groups, you may want to permanently exclude some Site Groups.

  • Highlight the Items you do not want in the Stored Search
  • Click Remove Selected Item(s)  and the Item is removed from the Stored Search

Saving the Stored Search

The actions  taken are shown at the bottom of the screen. 

When first created it found 208 Accounts, narrowing it down to the Commodity reduced it to 142 Accounts and narrowing it down again to the Active flag reduced the list to 130 Accounts.

  • Click Store Search  to save the Stored Search

Available Options

ACreate a new Stored SearchClick to begin creating a new Stored Search
BRemove selected item(s)Highlight Items in the list, then click this to remove them
CClear contentsClick his to remove all Items in the list
DUndo the last stepClick to undo the last step
ERevert to Stored SearchClick to cancel any changes
FLoad Stored SearchClick to load an existing Stored Search (for example if you want to make amendments to it)
GStore SearchClick to save the Stored Search
HStore Search As...Click to save as the Stored Search
IDelete a Stored SearchClick  to delete a Stored Search.  Choose from the dropdown list, then click Delete

Amending a Stored Search

To amend a Stored Search, open the Stored Search Activity  (top right of Sigma)

  • Click Load Stored Search  
  • Choose the Stored Search from the dropdown


  • Click OK

If you want to undo the last step (in this example the remove the Active Flag:

  • Click Undo the last Search step  
  • Click Yes to continue


The step has now been removed.  

Delete further steps or add in new steps and then Save to save over the original Stored Search  or Save as..  to keep the original Stored Search and save this as well.

Using a Stored Search

Click here for details on how to use a Stored Search.

Deleting a Stored Search

  •  From an Activity click  in the top right hand corner  to open the Stored Search Activity
  • Click Delete


  • The Delete a Stored Search popup appears


  • Choose the Stored Search you want to delete
  • Click Delete