Strategy Configuration

The Strategy Configuration tab of the Data Monitoring Activity allows you to do the following:

  • Select a Monitoring Strategy to see the all the Channels that the Strategy will run for
  • Add, Amend and Delete Strategies
  • View a count of all open notifications by the type of strategy that they relate to

For details on how to access the Activity, please see here.

Table of Contents

Working in the Strategy Configuration Tab

Open the Data Monitoring Activity

Click on the Strategy Configuration Tab

Adding a new Monitoring Strategy

From the Strategy Configuration Tab:

Click  and the New Monitoring Strategy pop up appears.

Choose from:

Click OK to open the Monitoring Strategy Item Editor. Each Strategy Type is set up slightly differently. 

Click on the hyperlinks above for more details on each Strategy Type as each one has a different set up and configuration that can be applied to tailor the checks to your needs.

Assigning Channels to the Strategy

If you chose  'Fixed' Context when setting up the Strategy, you will need to specifically assign Periodic HFD Channels to each Strategy.   You can add as many as required.

Highlight the Strategy.

Using the Data Selector, select the Channels you want to add.


Click on 1 Channel in the Data Selector, then Control + A to highlight all of the Channels

Drag and Drop from the Data Selector to the Items Assigned to 'Strategy' area


If you select a Site, Site Group or Organisation, all of the Periodic Channels under it will be added to the Items Assigned list

If you try to add Channels that are already in another Strategy of that type, the following prompt appears:

Choose from:

Yes to add all the chosen Channels.

Please be aware that doing this may mean multiple notifications relating to the same periods of time may be raised as this would mean the channel is related to two strategies of the same type.

Yes, But Exclude These Items to add the Channels that are not already in a Strategy of that type.

No to cancel adding the Channels.

Once the Strategy has been set up, Sigma will review the data each night and create any relevant notifications in the Notifications tab

Removing Channels from a Strategy

Highlight the Strategy.

Highlight the Channel(s) you want to remove.

Click  in the Items Assigned to 'Strategy' section.

The following prompt appears:

Click Yes to remove the Channel(s) and any existing Notifications from the Strategy.

Editing a Monitoring Strategy


To switch off an existing strategy - click Edit Monitoring Strategy 

Highlight the Monitoring Strategy in the list.


Amend as necessary in the context of the Monitoring Strategy Editor that is displayed. This will be in the context of a Data GapOverdue Data,  Unexpected Data, Dynamic Profile or Fixed Profile.

Click OK to close and save the Monitoring Strategy Editor.


If changes to the values in the configuration section are made, the following prompt will appear:

Click Yes to save the changes and delete any existing Notifications for the Strategy.

Deleting a Strategy

Highlight the Monitoring Strategy.


The following prompt appears:

Choose the User.

Enter the Password.

Click OK to delete the Strategy.

Refreshing the Strategy Configuration Tab

Click  to refresh the data showing in the Strategy Configuration Tab.