Creating Supply Points

When a Site already exists, the Supply Point can be created separately then an existing Account and/or Meter can be connected to the Supply Point.

If none of the above exist, use the Setup Wizard to add the Account, Meter, Channel and Contract all together.

Supply Point explanation

A Supply Point number is a unique identifying number for your property for each commodity and does not change if you change Supplier.

Supply Point is the collective name for the different commodities:

  • Electricity:  Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN)
    •  The number is made up of 21 digits in a series of seven small boxes with a capital S at the front.  Also know as an S Number
  • Gas: Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN)
    • The number is between 6 and 10 digits long
  • Water: Supply Point ID (SPID)
    • Generally there are two SPIDs for a property, one for the water and one for the sewage.  The number is 10 digits long, followed by W for Water or S for Sewage, then another two digits.  Applies to business premises only at the moment.  

Supply Points are fundamental database items and although it is possible to enter information in Sigma without them, a number of Activities use Supply Points to find information in the database.

In Sigma, the Supply Point groups together related Items, such as:

  • Accounts
  • Meters
  • Providers (Utility Suppliers)
  • Supply Contracts

The following Activities use the data within a Supply Point (Accounts and Metering):

  • Performance Overview
  • Period Summary Overview
  • Site Overview – Information Widget, Performance Widget
  • Dashboard widgets – Consumption Plot, Estate/Group Energy Usage, Highest/Lowest Performing Sites, Year on Year,
  • GHG Reporting
  • Project Tracking

When Sigma cannot find data in the Supply Point, it will use Estimation Techniques.  Click for further details. 

Note:  If you want to include billing and/or metered data in Energy Intelligence Reports that use the Best Available Data View, the Supply Point will need to contain a Meter, Channel (if metered data is required), a valid Contract and an Account (even if you don't want to add billing data, the Account Number is still required within the Supply Point). 

If you do not have any of the Items set up, click here for details on how to:

Or if you have partially set up the Items:

Creating a Supply Point

Open the Estate Management Activity


  • Search for and highlight the Site in the Data Selector 
  • Click Actions
    • Click Add
    • Click Supply Point


The New Supply Point Commodity pop up appears:

  • Choose the Commodity


  • Click OK

The Supply Point Editor popup appears:

Electricity Supply Points

Enter the following details:

  • Name - Enter the MPAN Number 
  • Reference - Enter the MPAN Number 
  • Asset Type - (optional) Choose the Asset Type from the dropdown
  • S number -  Enter the MPAN Number 


  • Click OK to save the Supply Point

All Other Commodity Supply Points

Enter the following details:

  • Name - Enter the Unique reference  (for example MPRN or SPID)
  • Reference - Enter the Unique reference  (for example MPRN or SPID)
  • Asset Type - (optional) Choose the Asset Type from the dropdown
  • Identifier  -  Enter the Unique reference  (for example MPRN or SPID)


Now that you have created the Supply Point, you need to connect the Account, Contract and/or Meter

Connecting the Contract, Account and Meter to the Supply Point 

From the Estate Management Activity:

  • Click on the Supply Point Tab (the new Supply Point will show in red as it does not have a Contract attached to it)
  • Highlight the Supply Point
    • Click Edit Supply


The Supply Point Editor popup appears:

  • Click Manage


This will open the Manage Contract for Supply popup

  • Click Add Later
  • Enter a Start Date or tick No Start Date
  • Enter a End Date or tick No End Date
  • Choose the Contract from the Current Contract dropdown
  • Choose the Account from the Current Account dropdown
  • Drag and drop the Meter from the  Available Meters section to the Selected Meters section


  • Click OK to return to the Supply Point Editor popup
  • Click OK to save

The Supply Point Tab will update to show the Supply Point is connected to the Contract, Account and Meter (and Channel)