Creating Accounts

If a Site and a Supply Point already exist, the Account can be created and then connected to the Supply Point.

Important Information

Note:  If you want to include billing and/or metered data in Energy Intelligence Reports that use the Best Available Data View, the Supply Point will need to contain a Meter, Channel (if metered data is required), a valid Contract and an Account (even if you don't want to add billing data, the Account Number is still required within the Supply Point). 

If you do not have any of the Items set up, click here for details on how to:

Or if you have partially set up the Items:

Creating the Account

Open the Estate Management Activity


  • Search for and highlight the Site in the Data Selector 
  • Right click on the Site to view all the Sites, Accounts and Meters that are already attached to the Site

In this example, there are 3 Supply Points, but only two Accounts 


To check if the Account has been added to Sigma, but not attached to the Supply Point, click on the Accounts Tab

In this example, you can see that there isn't a water Account.


In this example, the Supply Point has been created, but no Account (or Meter) is attached 

  • Highlight the Supply Point to see the details


To add the Account:

  • Click Actions > Add > Account



The Account Editor pop up appears.

Add the following:

  • Account Number 
  • Group id (if required) - for example this could be the Supply Number 
  • Commodity - choose from the dropdown
  • Meter number - add the Meter number connected to the Account
  • Asset Type - (optional) - choose from the dropdown


  • Click OK to save the Account

The Account now shows in the mini Tree View on the Site Summary tab


Now that you have Account, it will need to be connected to the Supply Point.

Adding a Contract to the Supply Point (if it doesn't already exist)

If the Supply Point has been created, but the Contract has not been attached, or is out of date,  the Supply Point will show in Red.

This will need to be done before you can attach the Account.

Connecting the Account to the Supply Point 

Staying in the Estate Management Activity:

  • Click on the Supply Point Tab
  • Highlight the Supply Point
  • Click Manage Contracts For Supply


  • From the Current Account dropdown, choose the Account


  • Click OK to save

The Tab will refresh to show the Account is now connected to the Supply Point