Accessing the Configuration screen for the Best Available Consumption Data View

The configuration options for Best Available Consumption Data are within the Energy Intelligence Management Screen.   If Users do not have access to this, then they will not see the option and therefore will not be able to refresh the data for Energy Intelligence or amend the global configuration for the Consumption Sources, Estimation Techniques or Forecasting.

In this section:

Accessing the Configuration screen

  • Access will depend on the Role of the User
  • If you cannot see 'Energy Intelligence Management', you are not authorised to use it


See below for details on how to add the Energy Intelligence Management screen.

Adding the Configuration screen to a Role

From the User Management Activity:

  • Click on the Manage Roles tab
  • Click on the Role you want to add the access to
  • Scroll down to and tick Energy Intelligence Management 


  • Click Save

Note: The User will need to log out and log back in to see the changes.

Viewing the Energy Intelligence Management

From an Activity, such as Estate Management:

  • Click Options
  • Click Energy Actions Management

The Energy Intelligence Management screen pops up.

Energy Intelligence Actions tab

For more information on the Energy Intelligence Actions tab:

Best Available Data tab

For more information on the Best Available Data tab:

Energy Intelligence Configuration tab

For more information on the Energy Intelligence Configuration tab: