Creating Consumption Data Channels

Data Consumption Channels are created so that you can add Consumption Data such as Waste, Transport, Business Travel, Commuting, Supply Chain etc in to Sigma without having to attach it to a Supply Point, Meter etc.

Once the Channel has been created, you can add Consumption Values via the Data Input Activity.  Click here for more details:  Entering Data Consumption Values manually.

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Creating Consumption Data Channels

Best practice is to add a Data Consumption Channel under a Site Group or a Site.

  • Open an Activity of your choice 
  • Right click on the Site Group or Site you want to add the Consumption Data Channel under
  • Click Add
  • Click Consumption Data


  • The Consumption Data Editor popup appears:


  • Enter the following details:
Nameie, the name of the Site and the Commodity:  Department 1 - Business Travel -Land - Diesel
Data Load IDDefaults to a unique number, can be changed if required
CommodityChoose from the dropdown, ie  Business Travel - land - Diesel 
Data typeChoose from the dropdown  - Choose Consumption or Emission 
Emission Type

If you have chosen Consumption in the Data Type - this will be greyed out showing the Emission Type

If you have chosen Emission  in the Data Type - choose from the dropdown

*See below for more details on the Emissions option

UnitChoose from the dropdown ie, mile
Time ZoneChoose from the dropdown - default is GMT
Asset TypeChoose from the dropdown (optional)

Note:  If the required Commodity is not in the dropdown, it can be set up.  Click here for more information:  Creating Commodities

  • The completed Consumption Data Editor will show as below:


  • Click OK to save the Consumption Data Channel under the selected Site Group or Site

Example Consumption Data Channels

  • An example of Consumption Data Channels under Sites