Creating Providers and Contracts


A Provider is used to describe an Energy Supplier and can be one of the following:

  • Supplier
    • will generate and distribute energy sources to their customers
  • Meter Operator
    •  a company that installs and maintains meters
  • Data Collector and Accumulator 
    • a company that collects periodic data from meters in various ways

 Contract sits under a Provider and will detail the general terms and conditions that you have agreed with your Supplier, Meter Operator or Data Collector/Accumulator.  A Contract can be one of the following:

  • Supply
  • MOP
  • DCA
  • Export
  • Generation
  • Tenant

The main reason for including Contracts in Sigma is so you can ensure that your billing is reflective of any terms that have been previously agreed with your Provider.

A Contract can be Permanent, or specific dates ranges can be added.

Creating a Provider

From any Activity with a Data Selector, change from Item Finder to Tree Selector

  • Right click on PROVIDER
  • Click Add Provider 


The Provider Editor popup appears.

  • Enter the name of the Provider, ie AWA
  • Enter a description (optional)
  • Enter a Financial Code (optional)
  • Tick the Provider type (you can choose more than one).  Choose from
    • Meter Operator
    • Data Collector and Accumulator
    • Supplier 
  • Add a Location on the Location tab (optional)


  • Click OK to save

The Provider will now show in the list in the Tree Selector

Creating a Contract

Once you have a Provider, you can add a Contract

  • Right click on the Provider
  • Click Add 
  • Click Contract 


The Contract Editor popup appears.

  • Enter a Title for the Contract, ie AWA
  • Choose the Commodity from the dropdown list
  • Choose the Service Type.  Choose from:
    • Supply (the default)
    • MOP
    • DCA
    • Export 
    • Generation 
    • Tenant
  • The Quality and Tariff dropdowns are not required
  • Enter a date range (if the contract has a start and end date 


  • Tick Permanent if there is no start or end date


  • Click OK to save

The Contract will now show under the Supplier in the Tree Selector


Linking a Supply Point to a Provider and Contract

Now that the Provider and Contract are in Sigma, these can be added to a Supply Point.

Use the following links to help you: