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Sigma Energy Management Software: better decisions, quicker
Sigma Energy Management Software will enable you to optimise your energy management strategy with a structured, co-ordinated and integrated approach to managing energy. It puts data at the heart of energy management, enabling you to make better decisions, quicker.

Sigma EI will provide consistent, trust-worthy data, intuitive reports, and data exploration to make energy insights easier to understand and be used. Not only this, but with the help of personalised dashboards, subscriptions and alerts. Our stunning visualisations and collaboration features make for an engaging experience for all your stakeholders.

Here is a list of the simple process on how to best use the EI platform.

  • Use the library of reports and dashboard templates
  • Copy any of the reports and dashboard templates provided, save them and modify them as required to meet your individual requirements
  • Manually create and view new dashboards, reports and charts
  • Create KPIs
  • Let Sigma EI do an automated data analysis for you
  • Create and share a story on your data
  • Create, distribute and view storyboards
  • Collaborate with other users

Sigma Energy Intelligence

The Sigma Energy Intelligence (Sigma EI) module turns traditional energy reporting on its head, allowing you to interact with your energy data, how you want, when you want. The fundamental difference between traditional energy reporting solutions and Sigma EI reporting is the ability to interact with the data – to perform multi-dimensional analysis that provides meaningful “Energy Intelligence” that supports energy management decisions and strategy.

Sigma EI will: Bring your energy data to life • Support proactive energy management • Quantify your energy savings • Help share your energy insights • Display your data in intuitive dashboards.

Key benefits:

Allows you to perform multi-dimensional analysis • Builds unlimited, customisable reports for ultimate energy management agility • Forecasts energy consumption using machine learning • Identifies and controls costs for potential investment using predictive analysis • Incorporates KPI tracking to help meet targets and benchmark performance • Utilises location-based insights to help business planning • Creates immersive and data-rich presentations at your fingertips.

Self Service Reporting

Bring your energy data to life with interactive visualisations - the perfect report is just a click away. Using Sigma EI’s responsive and easy to use drag and drop report builder, you can build your own reports in seconds for all your energy related data (meter consumption, utility bills, query information and more). Create unlimited reports and modify them as and when you need to give you ultimate energy management agility. You can customise your outputs with annotations and logos, helping you create engaging reports before sharing with your stakeholders.

Advanced Analytics

Allowing you to get to the “why” faster, adding greater value to understanding your energy data and how it is being used. Out-the-box, Sigma’s multi-dimensional analysis will support proactive energy management, allowing you to take control of your data, removing any hidden surprises.

Predictive Analysis

Make informed decisions and recommendations about managing your energy estate in the future. Let Sigma tell you what might happen using machine learning alongside your decision making. With intelligent answers available at your fingertips, identify the best energy saving projects to invest in.

Graphs & Charts

Sigma EI’s library of over 50 graph and chart types can be used to support all your reporting needs; giving you the flexibility to meet the requirements of all your stakeholders in the business. The enhanced graphical techniques provide bright colours and large images allowing you to engage with and communicate complex information clearly and effectively. Once you have written the report, you choose a chart and enhance the display to suit your needs.

Data Column Filtering

Sigma EI will allow you the ability to sort and filter the data in your charts and graphs to suit your needs.

Calculated Fields

Reports can be enhanced with mathematical calculations to sit over your data sets. Simple mathematical calculations or more complex structured query language (SQL) statements can be configured within the self-serve reporting function to supplement your existing outputs and dynamically derive values based on the source data; providing greater drill down capability and interrogation of your data.

Export Formats

If you need to export a hard copy of the data outside the system at any point - Sigma EI will let you do this in a format to best suit you, Sigma EI supports CSV, DOC, PDF and XLS file types.

KPI Tracking

Ultimate flexibility for staying on track by categorising and grouping your energy data to suit your needs, within set time periods. Instantly review results against your business objectives, quantifying the savings you have achieved.

Customisable Dashboards

Interactive dashboards to visually display a range of information you wish to share with the business and general public. Summarise your key energy information to help you analyse your businesses energy performance, realise opportunities and prevent potential threats. Dashboards could include reports and charts, KPI’s, Twitter feeds, tips and hints for saving energy, and communication from the Energy team. They are easy to design, create and are fully configurable with your business needs. Publish your dashboards outside of Sigma through your intranet or on the internet to disseminate information and increase stakeholder engagement.


Share compelling stories with your energy data – Sigma EI’s storyboard feature is a presentation layer allowing you to create slide shows of your reports with added features such as text, images and videos. Create live and fully immersive and data rich presentations to share with others around the business - gone are the days of creating your end of month report or business case in PowerPoint!

Distribution & Collaboration

Improve your operational efficiency and let Sigma EI manage your report delivery, distribution and collaboration for you. Attach reports or dashboards to in-application discussions and share links to give people access to your insights – accessible from anywhere. Use Sigma EI as your end-to-end energy collaboration platform. With the information you publish, stakeholders can start up a conversation related to any piece of content within the system – adding content with annotations, attachments, links and comments. Focus on your key energy data and collectively decide the best course of action.


Take away the responsibility for manually generating reports on certain dates for different departments within the business. Broadcasting has the ability to automate and schedule management reports which are distributed automatically to Stakeholders on defined dates. This will save you time and provide a full audit trail, alleviating the need to manually generate your reports.


The Sigma EI tool can be configured to make you aware when certain events happen. From an energy perspective, this is crucial for identifying missing data, monitoring discrepancies in consumption, notifying of excess tolerances quickly. Sigma EI will deliver instant notifications the moment key metrics fall outside predefined thresholds. This supports proactive energy management, reducing surprises and allowing you to take preventative action quicker.

WYSIWYG Report Design

Sigma EI has been designed to be intuitive and easy to use, allowing you to do what you need quickly – What You See is What You Get! Readily adapt to your changing business and energy management needs – evolve your dashboards and reports with ease as requirements change.

Mapping & Location Intelligence

Using the self-serve reporting capability, you can add a geographical context to your energy data, giving you that extra layer of analytics to allow discovery of location-based insights and correlations between your energy data and spatially relevant third-party data (demographics, geographic information systems). As well as giving you the geographical angle on your energy assets, this is a great tool to assist in business planning where location is a key factor, for example creating maintenance team schedules or meter reading visits.