Video Tutorials


We have created these short videos to help you work with Sigma better.

There are also recordings from live sessions.  Click on the link below for access.

Virtual Training Sessions

They are divided into the following sections:

Sigma Tenant Billing

Introduction to Sigma Tenant Billing 

Sigma Energy Intelligence

This video provides an overview of the Tenant Billing Activities in Sigma

There are three videos in this section:

An Introduction to Energy Intelligence 

This video provides an over of the the Energy Intelligence Module.

Building Reports, Analytics & Calculated Fields Training

The video provides an introduction to the Energy Intelligence module and provides basic training on using EI.

Dashboards, KPIs, Storyboarding & Distribution Training

This video provides training in the use of Energy Intelligence Module with regards to creating Dashboards, KPIs and Storyboards and how to share and distribute Energy Intelligence outputs.

Energy Viewer

This video demonstrates how to log in and use the Energy Viewer

Sigma Energy Viewer Portal Overview

Navigation & User Interfaces

There are seven videos in this section:

Analysis Training

The Analysis Training video demonstrates the 3 different perspectives used in Sigma and what information is contained within the Basic Browsing perspective.

Bill Entry

This video demonstrates how to search in Bill Entry, view Bills and process Bills.

Data Input Activity Training

The Data Input Activity in TEAM’s Sigma Software allows the users to input meter readings for a customers site directly into Sigma. This video takes you through the process, from data entry to validation.

Events Overview Activity Training

The Events Overview Activity shows the events in the last 24 yours from the objects in the object selector. This video shows you how to filter events by event levels, event types and how to change the Overview Period date. You will also learn how to query an event, ignore an event and edit an item.

Performance Overview Training

The Performance Overview videos shows the user how to monitor the performance of every site in your database. Discover how to view the benchmark category and group them to be able to view the data in a more digestible format. You will also learn how to configure the data to view different columns, see the best/worst sites, all sites and change the date parameters.

Site Overview Training

The Site Overview Training videos demonstrates how to view a site in detail. This video shows what information is contained within the Information widget and how to adjust the settings to customise your view of the data.


There are five videos in this section:

Administration Training

Discover how to create and assign roles and edit their permissions on Sigma, manage users and assign them roles. It also takes you through setting up restricted users to only see specific sites. 

Automatic Exception Targets Training

This video shows the user how to set up Automatic Exception Targets across your database. Here you are shown how to set up the tolerance and where the data can be viewed.

Data Selector Training

The Data Selector is a tool within Sigma that allows you to navigate your data and drill down to get the detail. This training video takes you through the different data selectors available and how to use them.

Manual Fixed Targets Training

This video demonstrates to the Sigma user how to set up manual fixed targets in the software using your data. You will learn how to set the target type and set up exceptions and change the target value

Scheduler Training

This training video shows the Sigma user all the schedules set up in the database. Users are shown how to set up a new schedule using the schedular wizard and how to format the report in different formats and set up the report configuration to run the schedule.

Integration and Data Importing

There are three videos in this section:

Accounts Link Activity Training

This training video is split into 2 perspectives; the Accounts Link perspective and the Accounts Link Download Perspective. Learn how export the bill files on a regular or adhoc basis to display your energy bill data.

Importing Consumption Data in Bulk into Periodic Channels Training

Learn how to import data into Periodic Channels manual and how to set up a schedule to import the data automatically.  

Data Importing Training

Learn how to choose an importer and find your data source using an import wizard, upload the data into your new buffer and learn how to view the import log.

Bill Validation & Recovery

There are three videos in this section:

Bulk Bill Checker Training 

The Bulk Bill Checker training video demonstrates the different perspectives and how to upload your EDI files and view the batch information.  You are shown how to edit your preferences, set up a validator, set up a USM to allow the EDI files to load and view your account history.

Query Management Training 

The Query Management Activity allows you to manage all the queries in your database.  Discover how to change the filters to configure your search and use the advanced feature.  You will also learn how to search for queries in your accounts and how to close them,

Validator Management Training 

The Validator Management video demonstrates the Sigma Validator functionality, from setting up a validator for an account and how to apply it to a site or group of sites.


There are two videos in this section:

Dashboard Training

The Sigma Software Dashboard consists of widgets that can be customised by the Sigma user. This Sigma Training video shows the Sigma user how to customise their dashboard to display or different widgets that are available in TEAM's Sigma Software.

Reporting Training

This video demonstrates how to run a basic report in Sigma. Discover how to generate reports from an existing list of formats and customise your report by changing the report settings. You will also be shown how to view your previously run reports that are stored in the system, and how to export them.